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Coordinated Student Health Services (CSHS) strives to foster the growth, development, and educational achievement of our students by promoting their health and wellness in a safe and supportive environment. CSHS embraces collaboration with staff, students, families and the community to achieve this goal.

Marcia A. Bynoe ARNP-BC, MSN, FNP/SNP
Director of Coordinated Student Health Services

Annette Burrowes RN, BSN, MBA
Clinical Nursing Supervisor

Lisa B. Stern, RN
Clinical Nurse
Chronic Health Coordinator

Gail Adams RN, BSN
Clinical Nursing Supervisor

Ann Conaway, RN, BSN
Clinical Nurse
Medical Fragile Coordinator

Tina Smith, RN, BSN, CDE
Clinical Nurse
Chronic Health Coordinator

Herbert Goldwire, ARNP-BC, MSN
Clinical Nurse
Community Health Coordinator

Julie A. Orr, RN
School Nurse
RN/HST Program Manager

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754 321 1695