Medically Fragile ESE Students


Medically fragile ESE students are entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Education is the primary responsibility of the school system and educational resources must be directed to that endeavor. Medical services are the primary responsibility of the parent and the health care system, both private and public. The school system is responsible for providing ESE students with special education and related services, including medical/health services, which are necessary for students to benefit from education.

Staffing committees, utilizing educational information as well as input from the medical/social service community, make eligibility and placement recommendations for ESE students.  When making eligibility and placement recommendations, staffing committees consider the complexity and frequency of medical needs as well as the level of skill and technology required to provide necessary medical services. The staffing committee considers the full range of placement options in relation to the student’s educational and medical needs and determines the related services which are to be included in the student’s Individual Educational Program (IEP).

Students who may need to be referred to the Medical Fragile Committee would be students with chronic, debilitating medical conditions involving one or more organ systems which generally make the student dependent upon medical/nursing/health supervision or intervention.  Included are those students whose medical condition is such that they are technologically dependent and require medical devices and/or procedures to sustain life.
Examples may include:

  • Students who require mechanical ventilation (ventilator)
  • Students who need multiple procedures while in school e.g., suctioning, g-tube feedings, intermittent catherization
  • Students with a tracheostomy
  • Students with multiple medical conditon

Please complete the medical fragile packet