Parent/Guardian Instructions for Medically Fragile / Complex Reviews

If your child has complex medical problems and may need assistance while in school, he/she should be referred to the Medical Fragile Review Team. The information provided will be utilized to determine your child’s school placement, educational, and medical needs.

You are asked to:

  1. Sign the Release of Information form and return it to the school your child will be attending.
  2. Complete the LIST OF PHYSICIANS form with the names and addresses of ALL physicians currently caring for your child.  Input from these key physicians is crucial in assigning the appropriate level of care for your child.
  3. Give the completed List of Physicians form to the school’s ESE Specialist.
  4. Occasionally, as a parent, you are more successful at quickly obtaining the information needed if you present it directly to the health care provider. If you, as a parent, would like to deliver the forms to the physician(s), as opposed to our office sending them out, please have the school inform Coordinated Student Health Services so we do not send forms to the healthcare provider(s).
  5. Submit to each physician a Physicians Information Packet, as given to you by the school’s ESE Specialist, and request that, he/she complete the forms as soon as possible.
  6. Request that the physicians return the completed packet, as soon as possible, to you or to your child’s ESE Specialist.
  7. The ESE Specialist will fax a copy of the completed forms to the attention of the Medically Fragile Nurse at Coordinated Student Health Services at (754) 321-2743


  1. Medically Complex/Fragile Student Review Team Physician’s Report
  2. Broward County Public Schools Authorization for Medication & Treatment Form

For more information on Medically Fragile students, contact Coordinated Student Health Services at 754-321-1575.


Physician’s Report