Planning for Students with Chronic Health Conditions

Each student with a chronic health condition should have a health care plan and his/her condition entered on the A06 Health Screen. The goal of the care plan is to provide school personnel with the information necessary to assist the student with health concerns while in school.

Which student needs a health care plan?

  • Students with a chronic condition identified on their A06 screen, medical history or emergency card.
  • Students who are seen frequently in the health clinic with the same symptoms or conditions.
  • Students who are frequently absent from school due to illness or health concerns.

What type of information should be on a health care plan?

  • Symptoms the student is likely to exhibit.
  • Treatment modalities that are appropriate for that student
  • Nothing of a confidential nature should be on the health care plan without parental permission.

Who should develop the health care plan?
School health personnel should evaluate student needs for school attendance and work with family to ensure child’s needs are met and the student is able to participate in school activities safely. The school nurse (on-site or on-call) should develop the health care plan with parent and school staff involvement.