Staff Incentives for Medical Procedures at School

General Description:

Florida’s delegation laws governing nursing practice allows for the training of unlicensed personnel, by a registered nurse, to provide child specific medical procedures. The Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form must be completed for all students who require medical care to be provided at school.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Broward Paraprofessional Association makes provision for a $1500 annual medical procedure supplement to be paid to the primary designated Education Support Professional (ESP), $200 to the back-up ESP or an equal split of $1500 if the two assigned ESPs are dividing the care equally. This medical supplement is not available to employees who are not Education Support Professionals. There is only one supplement regardless of the number of procedures or the number of times an ESP performs the procedure. Before a supplement is approved, the Coordinated Student Health Services (CSHS) Department must determine that the student requires the medical procedure and that a trained ESP can safely perform the procedure.  The school principal designates ESPs who are trained by a Registered Nurse, to perform child specific medical procedures such as:

Procedures Eligible for Medical Incentives:

  • Catheterization
  • Gastrostomy Tube feeding
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Surface suctioning for tracheostomies
  • Administration of emergency injectable medications
  • Administration of emergency Diastat suppositories

The ESP must be performing the procedure for the student, not just supervising the student doing the procedure. The supplement is pro-rated if the ESP is providing these services for the full school year. The ESP’s who receive a special education center supplement or a behaviorally complex student supplement are not eligible to receive the medical procedure supplement. If the assigned ESP is providing the service in accordance with the training received and does not willfully disregard the established procedures, the ESP is not liable. A Registered Nurse periodically observes the ESPs performing medical procedures to ensure competency and provide support.

Principal/Designee Role:

  • To request training for primary and back-up ESPs, please submit the following to Coordinated Student Health Services:
  • The completed Health Service Request Form
  • The current Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form
  • All areas on the Medical Procedure Incentive Form must be completed. Proof of training must be provided with the form. The Registered Nurse from the Coordinated Student Health Services Department provides the training paperwork to the school on completion of the ESP training.
  • The School Principal ONLY must initial that the Educational Support Professional has been trained and that the training form is attached to the Request for Medical Procedure Incentive Form.
  • Only the School Principal is to print the Principal’s name, sign and date at the bottom of the Request for Medical Procedure Incentive Form.
  • To obtain the medical procedure incentive ($1500 for primary, $200 for back-up, or the split of the incentive between the two ESPs), please submit the following within 30 days of assignment and training to Sonja Clay, Director of ESE, Arthur Ashe, 1701 NW 23rd, FL 33311:
  • The completed “Request for Medical Incentive Form”:
    • Indicate on the form if this is a new assignment or a reassignment
    • If the ESP is the primary person providing the services or the back-up ESP.
    • If the incentive will be split please check the appropriate box.
  • Proof of ESP training: a copy of the training form signed off by Coordinated Student Health Services

Coordinated Student Health Services Role:

  • CSHS will coordinate the requested training and provide the school with a copy of the training documents upon completion of training.

Budget Support Specialist Role:

  • The budget support specialist will process the medical incentive form
  • Send email notification to the school principal/designee of the approval of the medical incentive