Students with Medical Needs While in School

  • Students may require the provision of, or assistance with, medical procedures while in school.  Some examples include students with diabetes, asthma, seizures or severe allergic reactions to peanuts or insect stings.
  • Some students may require assistance from trained school personnel, while other students may be able to be assisted by healthcare personnel.
  • Students must either be Exceptional Student Education (ESE not-gifted) or have a 504 plan to receive nursing services.
  • All medical procedures are child-specific. Examples of medical procedures are as follows:

– Clean Intermittent Catheterization
– G-Tube Feedings
– Suctioning
– Blood Glucose Monitoring/Insulin Administration/Glucagon
– Epi-pen administration for severe allergic reaction
– Diastat rectal gel

  • A completed Authorization for Medication/Treatment form is required for all medical procedures. Coordinated Student Health Services (CSHS) will determine the type of services required to meet the individual student’s needs.
  • Schools may request in-service training for specific medical conditions.

Steps to request nursing services/training:

1.    Complete a Health Services Request Form (HSR). Be sure to include the following information on the form:

  • Name of student
  • Name of school
  • Description of medical condition
  • Designate if student is ESE (not gifted) or has a 504 plan
  • Name of school, contact person, and phone number
  • Reason for request, e.g. Training or Nursing Services (Long Term,
  • Substitute/Temporary)
  • Type of training/services, e.g., g-tube feeding, catheterization, diabetes care, seizure management, etc.
  • Date(s) and time(s) of training/services requested
  • Special comments, e.g. number of people being trained, mother will be present at training, nurse to ride bus

2.    Fax HSR Form and completed Authorization for Medication/Treatment form, signed by physician and parent to HES at (754) 321-2743.
3.    HES will arrange for approved health services and in-service training.
4.    Schools may request additional trainings and follow-up.
5.    Requests for Extended School Year (ESY) and the next school year require the completion of a new NSR and current Authorization for Medication/Treatment form. Requests should be submitted in a timely manner to ensure training/services can be arranged.

Absenteeism/Cancellation of Services

  • Nursing services for Medically Fragile/ESE students are arranged directly between HES and the nursing agency. If the student is going to be absent the parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the agency and school.
  • If a one on one nurse for a Medically Fragile/ESE student reports to school and the student is absent the nurse is to notify his/her agency and go home.
  • If the nurse assigned to care for the Medically Fragile/ESE student does not report to school the school must IMMEDIATELY contact the nursing agency and HES. The parent/guardian must be notified in the event that nursing coverage is not available so immediate arrangements for a safe dismissal can be made.
  • Nursing services for Diabetic (504) students are arranged between HES and the selected nursing provider. If the 504 student does not attend school and the nurse has reported to work the nurse can work in the clinic for the day. The agency nurse is to contact the parent/guardian regarding the student’s absence and determine when the student is expected to return to school. If the student is going to be absent for more than one day the nurse will not report to school until the student returns to school.
  • If a scheduled training needs to be cancelled, please call Coordinated Student Health Services at (754) 321-2272.
  • Please make parents aware of the need to notify the school if student is going to be absent.