Registration Requirements




Students must have proof of school entry exam for first time entering a Florida School. A non-Florida physician can perform the school medical exam. The form utilized to record the exam must satisfy one of the following:

  • Medical exam was performed within one (1) year prior to day of registration.
  • Medical exam documented on Florida Department of Health Form 3040 or on physician’s office/medical facility official stationery, completed, signed and dated by physician.
  • Results of all tests recorded on the Student Health Examination Form 3040 in the space provided.



Complete a current Florida Department of Health Form 680, Part A –Complete (Code 1 or Code 2); Part B- Temporary Medical Exemption or Part C – Permanent Medical Exemption.


Note: EXCEPT FOR TRANSFER OR HOMELESS STUDENTS, no 30 day waiver is to be granted in lieu of either document (health exam or certification of immunization) for any student. Students not in compliance with the 2nd or 3rd shot in a series of immunizations will have a 3 day grace period after which they must be excluded and their absences considered unexcused.




For all transfers of Immunizations Records, the original Florida Certificate of Immunization Form 680 should be requested for the student’s permanent cumulative health folder.


The following documents may be used for registration when students are transferring from another county or within the local public school district:


  • Completed original Florida Certificate of Immunization Form 680  OR
  • Electronic transfer of immunization data via the FASTER system.    OR
  • Information obtained from the A06 screen on TERMS (within local district only)  OR
  • Facsimile copy of all dates and doses of vaccines obtained from the transferring school.


For students transferring from a private Florida school to this district, the completed original Florida Certificate of Immunization Form 680 is required.

School Health Registration Requirements