Temporary Medical Exemption

(Florida Department of Health Form 680 – Part B)

The health care provider may issue a temporary medical exemption when a child is not fully immunized and cannot receive any additional vaccines at that time. For example, the student has received two of a series of three shots. The student may attend school only if he/she presents a Temporary Medical Exemption (Form 680 – Part B).

  • The school is responsible for keeping track of each student’s Temporary Medical Exemption (Form 680 – Part B)

  • Four to six weeks before Form 680 – Part B (Certificate of Temporary Medical Exemption) expires, the school should return the original Form 680 to the parent for the physician to update. This procedure allows the form to be reused and assists the physician or clinic in tracking the child’s immunization history. A photocopy of the form should be retained by the school until the original Form 680 is returned. If the updated form is not returned by the expiration date, the child is out of compliance and should be excluded from school until the appropriate immunizations are given.
  • School personnel can utilize TERMS A06 screen to generate monthly printouts of students’ immunization records, to track the number of shots completed and their expiration dates.


  • This is the date when the child is past due for his/her next shot – after this date, the form is no longer valid. The child must return to the physician or clinic BEFORE the expiration date to receive the immunization needed. At that time, the physician is to indicate the date(s) the immunization(s) was/were given, cross out the old expiration date and add a new expiration date above the crossed-out date. If, for some reason, the immunization cannot be given, the physician is to cross out the old expiration date and fill in a new date. In both cases, the new expiration date is to be initialed by the physician. All temporary certificates MUST have expiration dates, physician signature and the dates (month/day/year) of all doses of vaccine the student has received.
  • Students with no documentation of live measles vaccine may only be admitted after they receive the first MMR and obtain a temporary medical exemption for the second dose of measles vaccine. The second dose should be scheduled no less than thirty days but no more than ninety days later.


(Florida Department of Health Form 680 – Part C)


This section of the Form 680 is used for any student who is NOT FULLY IMMUNIZED, but for medical reasons cannot receive one or more vaccines. Physician must list the vaccine(s) contraindicated and specific reasons for each vaccine that is not administered. For those vaccines administered, the physician must list the type, dose and date of the vaccine.


(Florida Department of Health Form 681)


This form is only used for a child who is NOT IMMUNIZED because of his/her family’s religious tenets or practices. It cannot be used to exempt a particular vaccine. Florida Department of Health Form 681 will NOT be issued to sanction partial immunization. Form 681 is to be issued ONLY by county health departments. The form must have the county health department stamp, signature of the county health department director/administrator or their authorized designee and date the form is issued. Florida Department of Health Form 681 will be kept on file at the school to help with the exclusion of susceptible children during outbreak conditions. A student transferring within the state does not need to obtain a new Form 681.


All homeless students and students transferring into a Broward County School for the first time can be given a 30 day grace period to get their health exam and immunizations. This includes students transferring from another state, students transferring from another county, a homeless child, and students who are transferring from the juvenile justice system. At the end of the 30-day period, homeless and transfer students must have met all the health requirements for registration. These students can be excluded from school after the 30-day grace period if the requirements are not met.