Standard Abbreviations



ac                                before meals

AED                            Automated External Defibrillator

Am                              before noon

A.P.                             apical pulse

ARNP                         Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

ASA                            aspirin-acetylsalicylic acid

ASAP                          as soon as possible

ax                                axillary



bid                              twice a day

BM                              bowel movement

BMI                            Body Mass Index

BP                               blood pressure

BR                               bed rest

bs                                blood sugar



C                                centigrade with

cap                              capsule

cath                             catheterization/catheter

CIC                             clean intermittent catheterization

c/o                               complaint of

CNA                           Certified Nursing Assistant

C.P.T.                          chest physio therapy

CPR                            Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation



D.C.                            Doctor of Chiropractor

Dr.                              Doctor

DKA                           Diabetic Ketoacidosis

D.O.                            Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

DT                               Diptheria Tetanus Vaccine

DTaP                          Diptheria Tetanus and acellular Pertussis

DTP                            Diptheria Tetanus and Pertussis

DX                              diagnosis




EENT                          eyes, ears, nose, throat

e.g.                              for example

elix                             elixir

EMS                            Emergency Medical Services

ENT                            ear, nose, throat

ER                               emergency room

exam                           examination

ext                               extremities



F                                  farenheit

FBS                             fasting blood sugar

FTT                             failure to thrive

FUO                            fever of undetermined origin

Fx                                fracture



GI                                gastrointestinal

Gm                              gram

gtt                                one drop

gtts                              two or more drops



H (hr)                         hour

H20                             water

H202                          hydrogen peroxide

HEENT                       Head, eyes, ears, nose, throat

Hib                              Haemophilus Influenzae Type B

HBP                            high blood pressure

ht                                 height

H&P                            history and physical

hx                                history



IDDM                         Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

ie                                 that is

IEP                              Individualized Education Plan

IM                               intramuscular

incont                         incontinent

inh                              inhalation

inj                               injection

I & O                           intake and output

IPV                              Inactivated Polio Virus

IV                                intravenous



kcal                             kilocalorie

kg                                kilogram



L                                  left

lb                                 pound

LLE                             left lower extremity

LPN                            Licensed Practical Nurse

LPTA                          Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

LS                               lumbosacral spine

LUE                            left upper extremity

LUL                            left upper lobe




mcg                             microgram

MD                             Medical Doctor

med                             medicine

mEq                            milliequivalent

mg                               milligram

ml                                milliliter

mm                              millimeter

Mod                            moderate



N/A                             not applicable

nc                                nasal cannula

NEG                            negative

N/G                             nasogastric

NKA                           No Known Allergies

NPO                            nothing by mouth

N & V                         nausea and vomiting



O2                               oxygen

Oint                            ointment

OM                             Otitis Media

O.T.                             occupational therapy/(oral temperature)

oz                                ounces



P                                  pulse

P.A.                             physician Assistant

post (after)

p.c.                              after meals

pc                                after food; after meals

PCN                            penicillin

PCV                            Pneumoccocal vaccine

PD                               postural drainage

PE                               physical examination

Ped or Peds                pediatrics

per                              through or by

PERLA                       pupil is equal, reactive to light and accommodation

pm                               afternoon

PMH                           past medical history

po,(per os)                 by mouth

prn (pronata)             as necessary; as needed

PNP                             Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

PPD                             Purified Protein Derivative of Tuberculin

pt                                 patient

PT                               physical therapy



q                                  every

qam                             every morning

qd                                every day

q2h                             every two hours

q3h                             every three hours

q4h                             every four hours

qh                                every hour

qt                                 quart



R                                 rectal

RBC                            red blood cell

RLL                            right lower extremity

RN                              registered nurse

R/O                             rule out

ROM                           range of motion

rt                                 right

RTC                            return to clinic

RUE                            right upper extremity

Rx                               treatment, prescription taken




SOB                            shortness of breath

soln                             solution

S&S                            signs and symptoms

ST                               speech therapy

STAT                          at once, immediately

subling.                      under the tongue; sublingual

supp                            suppository

syr                               syrup



T                                  temperature

T & A                          tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

tab                               tablet

TB                               tuberculosis

tbsp                             tablespoon

Td                               Tetanus Diptheria toxoid

TOPV                         Trivalent Oral Polio vaccine

TPR                             temperature, pulse, respiration

TPR, B.P.                    vital signs, pulse, blood pressure

Trach                          Tracheostomy

tsp                               teaspoon

tx                                 treatment



u                                  Unit as written for insulin

UGI                             Upper gastrointestinal

UNK                           unknown

URI                             upper respiratory infection

UTI                             urinary tract infection



VS                               vital signs

VZIG                          Varicella Zoster Immunoglobulin



WBC                           white blood cell

W/C                            wheelchair

WD                             well developed

WIC                            Women Infants & Children (food assistance program)

WN                             well nourished

WNL                           within normal limits