Medical Procedure Incentive

  • Only Education Support Professionals can apply for the incentive.
  • Funds come from IDEA Grant not school’s budget.
  • Student must be ESE (disability not gifted) or have a 504 plan
  • Education Support Professionals must have received child-specific training by a School Board approved R.N.
  • Only one Medical Procedure Incentive per Education Support Professionals
  • Education Support Professionals must perform one of the following medical procedures:
    • Catheterization
    • G-Tube Feeding/Medication
    • Blood Glucose Monitoring/Insulin Pump Monitoring
    • Administration of Emergency injectables (glucagon, epi-pen or diastat)
  • There are three categories for disbursement of the incentive, which include:
    • Primary ( Primary is defined as the person responsible on a day-to-day basis for the procedure for a specific student).
    • Back Up (The back-up staff person is the Education Support Professional trained to cover when the primary person is unable to do the procedure.)
    • Or Split( The split category applies when there are two primaries trained who routinely take turns performing the procedure.)
  • If the student can perform the procedure, and the Education Support Professional is only assisting the student, then only a back-up incentive will be approved.

Follow the steps below to request a Medical Procedure

  1. Complete Request forĀ Medical Procedure Incentive Form
  2. Send the original form, a copy of student’s Authorization for Medication / Treatment form and the certificate of training or skills checklist for the Education Support Professionals to Coordinated Student Health Services (CSHS) office. Fax to 754-321-1687 or 754-321-1692
  3. CSHS will verify and forward the information to the Fiscal Department for approval.
  4. The Student Support Services (SSS) Fiscal Department must receive new Education Support Professionals paperwork, as listed above, within 30 days after the training.
  5. The SSS Fiscal Department needs to receive the paperwork listed above within 30 days after the start of school for Education Support Professionals who are renewing their medical incentive for the new school year.
  6. The Fiscal Department will notify the principal of the school in writing that the incentive has been processed. CSHS will conduct annual follow-up visits to schools to ensure that the paraprofessional is performing the medical procedure per School Board Policy.
  • CHSH will conduct annual follow-up visits to schools to ensure that paraprofessional is performing medical procedure per school board policy.