Chronic Health Conditions


Some students will require advance planning to meet emergency care needs due to their medical conditions or physical abilities.  An Emergency Plan of Care should be done ahead of time and be easily accessible to those individuals assisting students in emergency situations.

Medical Conditions

Some students may have medical conditions, which could put them at risk for life threatening allergies such as peanuts and insect stings.

These students need to be identified and your school nurse (“on-site or “on-call”) made aware of the situation.  Your school nurse can initiate and Emergency Plan of Care for these students and make sure the appropriate school staff is knowledgeable of how to handle emergency situations accessible to individuals who are responsible for assisting the students, should an emergency arise.

Physical Abilities:

Other students may have special emergency needs due to their physical abilities.  For example, some may be in wheelchair or walk with assistive devices.  These students will need special arrangements in the event of a school-wide evacuation.  A plan needs to be developed which includes designating a person who is responsible to assist these students to safety.