Communicable Diseases

Guidelines for Communicable Disease Control in Schools

Communicable diseases are those diseases that may be transmitted from person to person, food, water and/or animals and are the most common cause of school absenteeism.

The following procedures and activities should be followed in suspected communicable disease situations in your school.

  1. In accordance with School Board Policy #5012, if a school board employee has reason to believe that a student has a communicable disease (EXCEPT HIV/AIDS; REFER TO HIV POLICY), he/she shall immediately report this information to his/her principal or designee.
  2. If a student, suspected of having a communicable disease, is in school, the principal/ designee should remove the student from the classroom and arrange safe placement of the possibly affected student.
  3.  If a school nurse is present, the principal/designee should consult with the school nurse to evaluate the suspected condition of the student. If the school does not have an assigned nurse, the “on call” school nurse may be consulted.
  4. The principal/designee should notify the parents and recommend that the student see a physician, if not already seen for this condition.
  5. Upon receiving confirmation by a parent/guardian, healthcare provider, nurse or other responsible source that the student has a communicable disease, the principal / designee should report this information to Coordinated Student Health Services at 754-321-1575. Coordinated Student Health Services will contact Department of Health-Broward with reportable diseases. Please note the attached list of Reportable Communicable Diseases. The following information is required when reporting:
    • Student’s name
    • Student’s date of birth
    • Family health care provider’s name and phone number
    • Home phone number
    • Name of the suspected communicable disease
    • Last day student attended school
    • Name of school
  6. Coordinated Student Health Services will inform the school if the Department of Health-Broward advises that a letter should be sent home or if any action steps are required at the school site. Sample letters are available in the Health Services Manual, Communicable Disease section.
  7.  If the school principal is aware of excessive concerns among the parents about a particular disease or condition, and feels that informational purposes, the principal should consult with Coordinated Student Health Services.
  8.  In some instances, a student returning to school after being out with a communicable disease (except for HIV / AIDS) must provide a healthcare provider’s note indicating the student is no longer contagious and may return to school (see specific communicable diseases).