Protocol for the Follow Up of an Active Tuberculosis Csse

If any of the following occurs:

  1. School notifies Coordinated Student Health Services (CSHS) that it was informed that a student has an active case of tuberculosis (TB)
  2. Department of Health-Broward informs Coordinated Student Health Services that it received notification from a hospital


Coordinated Student Health Services will:

  1. Maintain open communication with the Department of Health-Broward and the school, providing updates, as they become available and resources as needed.


School Staff will:


  1. Maintain open communication with Coordinated Student Health Services and the Department of Health-Broward
  2. Implement actions as directed by Coordinated Student Health Services and Department of Health-Broward to include:

a) Mailing of letters, permission slips and Tuberculosis Information Sheets to parents/guardians.

b) Coordinating education/in-service by Department of Health-Broward for students and teachers.

c) Collecting signed permission forms for testing.

d) Coordinating Tuberculin Skin (TST) testing of students and staff with the Department of Health-Broward.



Note: A student with a positive TST is not considered contagious based soley on the TST results. Further testing is required before the student is considered to active T.B. and the exposure protocol is implemented.