Core School Health Services


Florida Statute 381.0056 requires that every school complete a self-monitoring process to assess their core health services annually. The results of the Core Services Monitoring Report are reviewed by Coordinated Student Health Services to ensure compliance and that areas of non-compliance are addresses and corrected. To ensure your school’s information is accurately recorded the following steps should be utilized:

1. Review the Core Monitoring Criteria to determine your school’s compliance and then complete the Core Services Monitoring Report.

2. Send the completed report to Coordinated Student Health Services prior to the end of the first semester (before winter break)

4. Maintain a copy of the completed report for your records every year.

The required forms for Core Services monitoring can be obtained on the Health Education web page.  Go to, choose departments, Health Education, and then forms.  The required forms are available under the Forms drop down menu under Core Services. You may also refer to Section XI of the Health Services Manual.

Effective the 2010-2011 school year, the Core Services Monitoring Report has been revised to now include that the names of the school staff, and contracted agency healthcare personnel, trained in Emergency Preparedness and Medication Administration be documented on the report form.

Early in the second semester, nurses assigned by Coordinated Student Health Services, will visit randomly selected schools in each of the three areas to verify the self-audit information. The auditing nurse will present a copy of the validation audit results to the principal/designee for signature and to review their findings.

Schools with identified areas of non-compliance on the Core Services Monitoring Report or the Core Services Monitoring Validation Audit are required to submit a written plan of correction by the first week of March every year and email or fax to Coordinated Student Health Services. It is necessary for Coordinated Student Health Services to receive your information by the date specified so it can be included in the end of the year report to the Superintendent and School Board members.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Student Health Services at 754-321-1575.