Biohazardous Waste / Sharps Procedures

  • Requests for biohazardous waste/sharps container must be done in writing by the principal to Risk Management Department.
  • After being approved, once per month, the School Board’s contracted vendor will visit your school/site and remove the biohazardous waste/sharps containers. The vendor will leave a new container at the school to replace the one removed.
  • The vendor will request an authorized signature on the Biohazardous Waste Manifest. The principal and/or designee must sign the manifest.
  • The school should make a legible copy of the manifest, place the copy immediately into the log book, and pony the original copy of the manifest to Risk Management Department.


  • The biohazardous waste/sharps container(s) must be kept in the health room. If a student is checking blood sugars in his/her classroom, a sharps container needs to be in that location as well.
  • Sharps containers must be kept in a locked cabinet and keys should not be accessible to students.
  • Only approved biohazardous waste should be placed in the containers (e.g., items with blood or body fluids). Items such as candy wrappers, normal trash, soda cans, tape etc. are NOT to be placed in these containers.
  • Biohazardous waste containers should not be placed in proximity to a normal trash container. It should be stored in a locked cabinet when not in use.
  • When an inspector visits your site, you must make available for him/her, the logbook of manifest, copy of law, and license.