Storage Labeling and Handling of Medications

Medication must be kept in the prescription container in which it was dispensed with student’s name, date prescription was filled, name of drug, dosage to be administered, route to be administered by, physician’s name, pharmacy name and pharmacy phone number clearly marked.

Medication must be stored in a locked cabinet in the health room clinic. If medication must be refrigerated, it should be stored in a sealed box in the refrigerator in the health room clinic.

  • Refrigerated medication(s) should not be kept in the refrigerator door.
  • The cap of the container should always be replaced tightly to prevent exposure to air, moisture and bacterial growth.
  • Do not give medication that has changed color, appearance or has an odor. Notify the parent/guardian immediately.
  • When medication is no longer being given, a letter must be sent home to parent/guardian. The parent/guardian should be advised to pick up unused medication(s).
  • If parent/guardian does not pick up unused medications, notify Risk Management for proper disposal.
  • No medication should remain in the schools’ locked medicine cabinet at the end of each school year except for year round schools. See procedure for proper disposal of medication(s).