Parent Instructions For Students Requiring Medication Administration During School

If your child needs to take medications while at school, including field trips, the following procedures need to be adhered to:


  1. A completed Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form* needs to be on file at the school. This form is only valid for 12 calendar months. Your child’s healthcare provider must clearly document the name of the medication, the amount and time to be given and any special instructions for administering the medication on the Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form. If your child needs to keep a medication with him/her at all times, as in the case of an inhaler, the healthcare provider must also state that on the Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form and that he/she has been trained in the proper procedure for self administering the medication.
  2. The student’s healthcare provider and parent/guardian must sign the form.
  3. The parent/guardian must bring the medication to the school (students are not permitted to bring medications to and from school). The medication must be in the original container from the pharmacy. It must be labeled with the child’s name, the name of the medication and the amount to be given. The school’s designee will count the medication upon receipt and then keep it in a locked cabinet in the school clinic.
  4. The school’s designee trained in medication administration will administer the medication to your child each day while at school.
  5. If the medication order changes or is discontinued, the parent needs to provide the school with a new Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form, completed by the healthcare provider.
  6. If your child needs to have a medication administered on a field trip that he/she would not normally take while in school (i.e. field trip extends past normal school hours) the parent needs to have an Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form completed by the healthcare provider. Trained school personnel will administer the medication.
  7. If you need additional copies of the forms, you can go to the website Select departments, Coordinated Student Health Services and then forms.



*There is a separate Diabetes Medication/Treatment Authorization Form and Insulin Pump Medication/Treatment Authorization Form that needs to be completed for students requiring medication and/or treatments for Diabetes while in school. You do not need to have the standard Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form completed for students with Diabetes.