Screening Procedure

  1. Each school principal is responsible for designating a school employee who will oversee the screening process (Designated School Employee). Parent volunteers may assist with the screening process but are not the school designee.
  2. The Designated School Employee must complete their responsibilities(located here).
  3. Staff/Volunteers who perform hearing screenings must attend a hearing training certification class. At least two staff/volunteers per school must be certified. Certification is valid for two years.  A schedule of the hearing screening workshops will be sent from the area offices.
  4. Staff/Volunteers who perform vision screenings will be trained by a member of the health screener team. At least two staff/volunteers per school should be trained.
  5. The screening team will organize the screening forms dependent on the screening results. The screening team will also enter the results in TERMS as a “Y”, “N”, “P” or “U” accordingly on the A06 panel.
  6. The Health Screening Team will generate the first set of parent referral letters for BMI and Vision. The Designated School Employee will ensure these are sent home. In 8-10 days the Designated School Employee will generate the second parent referral letters to send home.
  7. The Designated School Employee will generate a list for the IMT of referral letters returned. The IMT will input a “T” for those students who have returned their letters.
  8. In two weeks the Designated School Employee ensures the school staff rescreens the hearing failures. If the student fails the second time the Designated School Employee contacts the appropriate area audiologist.
  9. The area audiologist will conduct a follow up hearing test on the students who failed and complete the bottom portion of the Hearing Screening form. The completed original Hearing Screening form will be returned to the IMT to file in the student’s cumulative health cumulative folder.
  10. The area audiologist will send the Designated School Employee a list of the students who received follow-up treatment.  The Designated School Employee will give the IMT a list of the students who received follow-up treatment. Rescreening & evaluation by an audiologist will count as a treatment and can be coded as T.
  11. The area audiologists will instruct the designated screening coordinator to send a letter home to the parents of students identified with a hearing problem recommending further medical evaluation as indicated.
  12. For questions of further information, contact Coordinated Student Health Services at 754-321-2274.