Health Room Requirements


  1.  Each school shall have a designated area to be used solely as a heath room that meets state requirements
  2. Bathroom facilities should be in close proximity to the health room.
  3. Hand washing facilities should be readily available, with adequate supply of hand soap in dispenser and paper towels or hand dryer.
  4. 9-1-1 Posters and Emergency Information Posters should be posted with current information.  Posters are available on the Safety web page.
  5. There is an accessible telephone in the area.





The following supplies should be available in the health room:

  1. First Aid supplies according to recommended list from Coordinated Student Health Services
  2. Health Services Manual
  3. Standard Operating Procedures Manual for School Health
  4.  Medication Administration Log Book
  5. Daily Clinic Log
  6. Student Clinic Passes (Binder of File Cabinet)



  1. Each school must have a minimum of two individuals, in addition to school nurse, with current certification in First Aid and CPR/AED.
  2. Volunteers or other school personnel may staff the health room under the supervision of the principal/principal’s designee. Volunteers should not administer CPR/AED or First Aid unless they have a current certificate in either one of these areas. VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS.