Health Room Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities

The Health Room Volunteer works under the direct supervision of the principal/designee and the person assigned by the principal as the school health contact person. All activities of the health room are to be considered confidential.


The Duties of the Health Room Volunteer include the following:


  • Provide comfort measures to students with minor discomforts and give proper care in accordance with School Health Guidelines, e.g. taking a temperature, first aid, etc
  • Maintain health room by assuring it is clean, neat and properly supplied.
  • Provide clerical/support services and help with routine referral and follow-up activities.
  • Assist with screenings e.g. BMI, Vision, Hearing
  • Administer First Aid and/or CPR/AED only if currently certified.




  • DO NOT contact a parent/guardian or physician regarding a student’s health. Any concerns should be addressed with the principal/ designee and they will contact parent.
  • DO NOT administer medication.
  • DO NOT recommend name of care provider to student and/or parent/guardian.
  • DO NOT decide that a student has an illness or disease. This is the role of the physician.
  • DO NOT send a student home without being told to do so by the principle/designee or health room contact person.
  • DO NOT transport students.
  • DO NOT access student health records. This information is confidential.
  • DO NOT share information you have learned at school with anyone other then principle/designee, health room contact person and/or school nurse.