School Health Screenings


Florida Statute 381.0056 requires that health screenings be conducted at various grade levels.  Trained school-based personnel and district-level staff perform these screenings.  Below are the grade level screenings, which include: Vision, Hearing, Body Mass Index (BMI) and Scoliosis. The required screenings are as follows:


  • Students in Kindergarten, first, third and sixth grades.
  • Students entering Broward County Public Schools for the first time.
  • Students considered for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) placement.


  • Students in kindergarten, first, and sixth grades.
  • Students entering the Broward County School District for the first time.
  • Students considered for ESE placement.


  • Students in first, third, and sixth grades.


  • All sixth grade students.

The screenings and their results will be documented and placed in the student’s cumulative health record folder. Schools are encouraged to complete vision and hearing screenings during the first semester of school. BMI screenings and scoliosis screenings can be done anytime during the school year.

BMI documentation will be entered onto a graph. There are different graphs for boys and girls.  Graphs are to be placed in the student’s cumulative health folder.  The same graph should be used each year when screening is done. If the student’s Body Mass Index is greater than the 85th percentile or below the 5th percentile, a letter with the student’s specific information and a recommendation for follow up with the student’s healthcare provider will be sent to the parent. A copy of the graph will be sent with the referral letter.

Parents need to know that they have the option to decline their child’s participation in the health screenings. Parents who wish to opt-out must complete the Opt-Out form and return to the child’s school. The completed Opt-Out Form will be included in the student’s cumulative health record. Parents should contact the school if they have any questions. School staff can contact Coordinated Student Health Services (formerly Coordinated Student Health Services) at 754-321-1575 or 754-321-1576 for additional information.