BMI Assessment Procedures

Florida Statute 381.0056 requires student height and weight screenings be completed.

  1. Each school principal is responsible for designating a staff member to coordinate the BMI’s.
  2. You will need to obtain the BMI tables and the BMI graphs for boys and girls.
  3. Obtain accurate height and weight of student.
  4. Refer to BMI tables. Find student’s height and weight on the table.  This will give you their BMI number.
  5. Plot the BMI number  on the BMI graph. NOTE:  There are different graphs for boys and girls. You plot the point where the student’s BMI number intersects with their age.
  6. The CDC provides a calculation tool for student BMI. Please go to
  7. Any percentiles that fall above the 85th percentile or below the 5th percentile lines on the BMI graph should be reported to the child’s parent/guardian for follow up with a healthcare provider. A copy of the graph should be given to the parent with the referral letter (Spanish)(Haitian Creole)(Portuguese).
  8. The graph should be placed in the student’s cum folder. The same graph should be used each year for screening.
  9. The completed BMI Screening Results Summary form must be sent to Coordinated Student Health Services by the end of April via pony or fax to 754-321-2743.


BMI Guidelines Quick Reference

BMI Screening Results Form