Hearing Screening Procedures

Florida Statute 381.0056 requires hearing screenings to be completed for all kindergarten, first, and sixth grade students, as well as all students new to Broward County Public Schools.  The following information is provided to assist principals with that obligation.

  1. Each school principal is responsible for designating a school employee who will oversee the hearing screening process (Designated School Employee). Parent volunteers may assist with the screening process but are not the school designee.
  2. The Designated School Employee ensures that the hearing screenings are performed and documented.
  3. Staff/Volunteers who perform hearing screenings must attend a hearing training certification class. At least two staff/volunteers per school must be certified. Certification is valid for two years.  A schedule of the hearing screening workshops will be sent from the area offices.
  4. Screenings should be completed by the end of the first semester to enable the audiologist to follow up on failed screenings.
  5. If the student passes the screening, place the completed Hearing Screening form in the student’s cumulative health folder. The school DPC enters a “Y” on the A06 screen.  (Y indicates passing).
  6. If the student fails the hearing screening, the Designated School Employee ponies the appropriate area audiologist the completed Hearing Screening form for each student who failed the screening. A copy of the Hearing Screening form is filed in the student’s cumulative health cumulative folder.
  7. The area audiologist will conduct a follow up hearing test on the students who failed and complete the bottom portion of the Hearing Screening form. The completed original Hearing Screening form will be returned to the DPC to file in the student’s cumulative health cumulative folder.
  8. The area audiologist will send the Hearing Screening Designee a list of the students who received follow-up treatment.  The Hearing Screening Designee will give the DPC a list of the students who received follow-up treatment. Rescreening & evaluation by an audiologist will count as a treatment and can be coded as T.
  9. The DPC will enter a “T” on the AO6 screen (student was screened, did not pass test, and received follow-up treatment), which is a completed outcome.
  10. The area audiologists will instruct the designated screening coordinator to send a letter home to the parents of students identified with a hearing problem recommending further medical evaluation as indicated.
  11. The Designated School Employee will share a copy of the list of students who failed the hearing screening with the School Health Personnel (On-Site nurse and/or HST/On-Call school nurse). The School Health Personnel will work with the audiologist and DPC to ensure that hearing follow-up is completed.
  12. The Designated School Employee will pony the school’s completed hearing screening results, on the Hearing Screening Results Summary to the attention of Wanda Lanzi, Coordinated Student Health Services at the KCW Building.
  13. For questions of further information, contact your area ESE/Audiologist office or Coordinated Student Health Services at 754-321-2274.


Hearing Screening Guidelines Quick Reference