Labels, Unable to Enter, and New to County


Labels are one of the most important aspects of preparation for the screening process. Labels that are complete, speed up the screening process immensely. A complete label contains the following:

• Student Name
• Student Number (FSI)
• Gender
• Date Of Birth
• Teacher Name
• Grade

The label should be placed over the students name and school name. It should not cover the screening date field as that will need to be filed in by a screener. The labels need to be placed on the screening forms prior to the screeners arrival at the school.  Any students not screened by the team need to be screened by the school within one month after the team leaves.

Unable to Enter & New to County

The school is responsible to screen all hearing second testing, absent students, and any new to county students that enroll in the school after the test date. It is important that these students are screened. HES suggestion is to check at the end of each month to see how many new to county students were recently enrolled to your school. These students need to be tested before the deadline dates. While the screening team does try and enter in all the screening data into TERMS there are some students’ information they might not be able to enter. These forms will be set aside and labeled unable to enter. The forms need to be entered by the IMT within the month.