Minimal Level of Health Services Required in All Schools

The following health services will be provided in all schools, regardless of the level of nursing services available:


1. Administration of prescribed medications by trained personnel in accordance with

Florida Statute 1006.062 and School Board Policy 6305.


2. Provision of a properly equipped clinic or health room as required by Florida Statue 381.0056 and School Board Policy 5303.


3. Provision of Florida Statute 381.0056 mandated health screenings.


4. Provision of appropriately trained personnel for emergency situations

(CPR, First Aid, and AED).


5. Monitoring of compliance for required school entrance immunizations, per grade level.


6. Promotion of a safe and healthy environment.


7. Follow up for communicable disease outbreak in the school.


8. Delivery of a planned health education curriculum.


9. Provision of guidance, social work, psychological and nursing services.


10. Provision of a planned health promotion programs for faculty and staff.