Role of the On Call Nurse

The Department of Health-Broward provides health services to selected schools on an “on-call” (as needed) basis. The focus of “on-call” services is to assist schools in determining an appropriate course of action for health related issues, as well as to develop individualized health care plans for students with chronic health conditions. Nurses and supervisors are accessible 5 days a week via cellular telephone. The roles and responsibilities of the Department of Health-Broward on-call nurse include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Through phone triaging, assist school staff in determining an appropriate course of action for students with health-related problems.

2. Assess health needs of referred students with acute or chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, seizures, head lice, etc. through:

  • Nursing assessments and individualized health and emergency care plans.
  • Review and monitor referred students’ health records and screenings.
  • Participation in consultation, conferences and training related to the student’s condition for parents/guardians, school staff, and medical providers.

3. When incidents of potential communicable diseases occur at a school, provide information and guidance to assist the school’s principal and staff with interventions and act as a liaison between school personnel and Department of Health-Broward communicable disease health professionals.

4. Upon request, deliver or facilitate health presentations/classes/trainings for students, school personnel and parents that address health issues.

5. Make home visits when other strategies for resolving the student’s health related problems are exhausted.

6. Monitor medication administration procedures and core health services, using the audit process, in conjunction with other health care entities.

7. Attend IEP/504 meetings as requested.

8. Follow-up and monitor status of failed student health screenings. Refer students and families in need to community health partners.

9. Participate in school and community health related events, as requested.


In addition, the Department of Health-Broward provides the following services to all schools based on need:

  • Consult with schools regarding communicable disease concerns.
  • Monitor compliance of medication administration by trained school staff in alliance with Core School Heath Requirements.
  • Assess home situation when difficult or long-standing health issues such as head lice or excessive absenteeism exist.
  • Assist with health education for students and staff.