Role of the On-Site School Nurse

The functions of the school nurse include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assess health needs of students through health screenings, nursing assessments, review and monitoring of health records and medications, and data collection.
  • Plan and implement school health management protocols for the child with special health needs, including the administration of medication.
  • Participate in teacher, team and staffing conferences, assigned committees and school/community activities as requested.
  • Assist in providing staff development to school personnel on health related subjects.
  • Communicates thoroughly, honestly and tactfully with the school principal, teachers, support personnel, students, families and counselors.
  • Consult on meeting emergency health needs in the school.
  • Confer with health professionals on behalf of students.
  • Assist in the review and maintenance of school health records.
  • Develop implement and update, as necessary, individualized health care plans for selected students.
  • Maintain logs and records of services provided using School Board approved forms.
  • Serve as a contact and/or liaison among the school, the medical community and the designated student’s personal medical provider.
  • Provide consultation to students, parents, school personnel and the community during school hours and/or parent meetings.
  • Make referrals to appropriate community health resources and/or services as needed.
  • Report required reportable community diseases to the health department.
  • During incidents of communicable disease exposure at a school, provide information and guidance to assist school staff with interventions and act as a liaison between the school personnel and the health department communicable disease personnel.
  • Assure students receive appropriate health care and that students’ dignity and confidentiality are protected.
  • Assist with health education with students in accordance with the school district’s curricula.