School Health Services Guidlines

Each school has the following responsibilities regarding health services:

  1. Each school must have a designated area for a health room, as required by state statute 381.0056.
  2. Each school must have a minimum of two people, with current certification in First Aid, AED/CPR training in accordance with School Board Policy 5303.
  3. The principal/principal’s designee administering medications at school must complete the district training in medication administration. Medications should be administered in accordance with School Board Policy 6305.
  4. Each school should promote a safe and healthy environment.
  5. Each school should have an adequate amount of first aid supplies on hand (see School Board Policy 5303).
  6. Each school must notify parents in all cases of accidents, sudden illness or medical emergencies. This should be done in such a way as not to cause panic either with the parent or the school environment. The school should maintain and update an emergency card on each student on an annual basis.
  7. When notifying 9-1-1 about an emergency, parents or guardian must also be notified with specific information about the location of the hospital to which the student has been taken.
  8. Principal/principal’s designee should provide supervision for any sick student until a parent or emergency contact designee has been notified and arrives to pick up the student.
  9. The principal/principal’s designee should remain with a student in an emergency situation until a parent or parent’s designee can assume responsibility.
  10. The designated school nurse should be given all health referrals for follow-up.
  11. All communicable diseases are to be reported, as they occur, to Coordinated Student Health Services and the Department of Health-Broward.
  12. Any student with signs or symptoms consistent with a communicable disease or condition should be excluded from school in accordance with School Board policy 5012.
  13. Each school should have staff such as secretaries, teachers, paraprofessionals, registrars, guidance counselors and custodians should be aware of current health practices to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and promote a healthy environment.
  14. Each school must maintain a Cumulative School Health Record for each student, which is part of the student’s permanent folder. The health record should contain, at a minimum, a valid Florida Certification of Immunization, proof of a health examination, the results of all health screenings such as vision, hearing and scoliosis, all Authorization for Medication/Treatment Forms, Student Medication Logs, clinic passes with documentation of health conditions and treatment and notification of a chronic disease or illness.
  15. Confidentiality of Cumulative School Health Records must be maintained.